Founder Information

Robert T. Newcomb, III (Tim) graduated North Carolina State University in 1972 with a bachelor of science degree in engineering.  Work experience during the period of 1972 to 1978 included land surveying, municipal water and waste water engineering, concrete construction and director of services for the town of Wake Forest.  In 1978, Tim began operating as Robert T. Newcomb and Associates providing land surveying services in the Raleigh area.  During a leave of absence from the company  from 1989 to 1994, Tim was the vice-president of construction and development at NTS in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  NTS is the developer of a 3000 acre residential, golf course, lake front community outside of Fredericksburg.  He returned to the Raleigh area and again became active in the land surveying business.

Welcome to Newcomb Land Surveyors!


Newcomb Land Surveyors was formed in 1999 as a full service, North Carolina land surveying company.  Robert T.   Newcomb, III (Tim) began his practice of land surveying in 1978 as Robert T. Newcomb and Associates.  The Newcomb name has been synonymous with land surveying for almost thirty years.

Newcomb Land Surveyors is a North Carolina Professional Limited Liability Corporation with seven employees.  The company provides land surveying services including boundary, topographic, control, roadway, construction layout, cross country power lines and land conservancy easements.  The company is staffed and equipped to handle any survey requirement that our clients may have.

The client base at Newcomb Land Surveyors includes but is not limited to Goodwill Community Foundation, Wake Med Hospital, Leith Automotive, Hendrick Automotive, Angus Bam, City of Raleigh Administrative Services and Utilities Departments, Drees Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Westfield Homes, Bojangles (Tri Arc Food Systems), Tar River Land Conservancy, DLP Construction and American Honda Motor Company.

Newcomb Land Surveyors' staff has a combined total of 125 years experience.  The seven employees have a driving interest in the technology of the business. Our interest in the business leads to a higher standard of performance on our projects.  Training is an integral part of the employment experience at Newcomb.  As recent as October 30, 2009 all employees attended a seminar taught by the North Carolina Geodetic Survey Section director on GPS.

All field equipment at Newcomb Land Surveyors is state of the art and is constantly maintained and serviced to provide peak performance.  Our survey vehicles are late model trucks and are maintained to prevent downtime.  Survey calculations are performed on computers and calculators of the latest technology.  All computer software is upgraded annually.  Plotters and printers are also of the latest and highest technology.  The workspaces in the office are designed and constructed for efficiency and performance.